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With over 20 years experience in the music business we are bringing that knowledge and those skills and applying them to the movie industry.

Whilst we will continue to regularly release the high profile dance music (EDM) compilations from which the brand was born, our position in the film industry allows us offer an array of other services. Not only on behalf of our own productions, but also to other film makers to give them more power to their music needs within their motion picture.

We are able to offer a full music supervision service, and our dedicated syncs department will clear rights to existing works from some of the worlds biggest recording artists.
Pure Music has a roster of composers and contemporary producers ready to undertake any task required for your production. From the creation of your full original score
to commissioned songs and title/end credit works specific to your productions.

Most significantly Pure Music can take care of your music publishing and performance rights collection, an area then is too often neglected in the world of motion pictures. We are able to represent both the production, and the composer themselves in these rights.
In some circumstance we have been able to make significant investment into the music composition of specific motion pictures, allowing the producers to make their budgets stretch further whilst knowing their music needs are being handled with the upmost expertise and professionalism.

We specialise in administering on behalf of rights owners of film and television audio-visual royalties worldwide. Including through tradition music sources, and non-music revenue generated societies, which collect and distribute royalties under world copyright laws to rights holders compensating them for their work being seen in countries outside the contracted territory.

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