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Here at Pure Movie Media, we believe that investing in UK film offers an extremely tax efficient alternative investment opportunity due to the incentives offered by the UK Government and one that each investor should consider.

Pure Movie Media is a British film production company structured to take advantage of the UK Government’s attractive Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS).

We believe that our focus on developing and producing commercially viable, artistically credible low cost feature films with high production values offers the potential for outstanding returns forour investors.

In addition to those potential returns, the EIS offers investors the following potential tax benefits:

  • a return of 30% of your investment in the first year (through the EIS Income Tax Relief)*
  • any profits from your original investment free of Capital Gains Tax*
  • if the absolute worst happens and the investment fails, your exposure could be limited to
    only 35% of your original investment**

Investing in film is not only about the financial side of things, as important as that is – it’s also about the ultimate movie-making experience. Pure Movie Media offers a range of benefits, including:

  • get involved as an Extra or Behind The Scenes
  • visit the set for VIP Days
  • come to exclusive Pre Production Parties
  • personal Credit on the titles
  • receive Memorabilia from filming
  • bring family and friends to red carpet Premieres and After Parties
  • be first to see the films at Test Screenings
  • and if you can invest to a certain level, you can become an Executive Producer with real
    input, cameo roles and IMDb credit

To hear more about our offer, please request a prospectus at

* Subject to qualifying for EIS tax incentives – only available to UK taxpayers. We strongly advise you to contact your accountant or HMRC to confirm you qualify before investing.
** Calculated for 50% Income Tax payer

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